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7 Effective Strategies to Score 90+ in Class 9 Maths

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Class 9 is considered as a transition period in the education system as it is that stage where the basic foundation stone is laid for strengthening the concepts of Class 10. Out of all the subjects of class 9, Maths is one of the most scoring subjects if it is studied and practiced the right way. However, scoring well in the subject of Maths sometimes becomes challenging for those who struggle with the basics of this subject. But now, with these effective ways discussed by our experts, you can get rid of Maths phobia and easily score 90+ in this subject.

But before we move to the tried-and-tested strategies to improve your score in Maths, you can take a look at the syllabus of class 9 Maths. Knowing the syllabus will help you in preparing the subject better.

Syllabus of Class 9 Maths with Weightage

Let us now focus on the syllabus of class 9 Maths. The following table gives the weightage of each of the units included in the syllabus:

Sl. No. Name of the Unit Marks
1 Number System 08
2 Algebra 17
3 Coordinate Geometry 04
4 Geometry 28
5 Mensuration 13
6 Probability & Statistics 10
Total Marks 80

Now that you know the weightage of each of the units, it is time that we move our discussion to the tried and tested strategies which have been used by toppers to get 90+ score in class 9 Maths examination.

Strategies to Improve Class 9 Maths Score

The following points will elucidate how some simple strategies will give a boost to your score in class 9 exam of Maths.

  1. Be thorough with the NCERT books: Finish the NCERT textbook thoroughly (good). Try to understand the basic concepts and theorems, and then practice the questions by using the formulae. If you are facing any difficulty in understanding a topic, you can refer to the NCERT solutions for Class 9 Maths, where you will get an easy-to-understand approach to a problem. You can practice questions from other reference books only after solving each example problem and practice questions of the NCERT books.
  • Stress on concept clarity: You can adopt a step-by-step approach to solve questions only if you have understood the basics of the concepts. Only by understanding the basics, you will be able to move to the complex topics and thus solve questions easily in minimum time. To start with, you need to first study the theorems and understand their derivations and then learn the related formulae for solving questions from those topics.
  • Maintain regularity: This subject requires regular practice, and if you are desirous of getting a good score in Maths, you ought to be consistent in your practice. For that, you have to create a timetable and stick to it. Make sure that you are solving sample questions from a topic after understanding the concept. Maths is such a subject for which you need to devote time everyday, for practising questions.
  • Solve your doubts: In case, you are stuck in a particular question, you can take the help of your teacher to solve your doubts. You can also have group discussions with your peers. You can use these sessions of group discussions to discuss the doubts of each other.
  • Practise is the key: When it comes to the subject of Mathematics, nothing can beat practise. First, you have to know the correct procedure of solving the question and then practise questions based on that pattern. Solve at least 10 questions of the same pattern before moving to the next pattern of questions. Only with proper practise, you will be able to solve questions accurately in minimum time.
  • Avoid silly mistakes: One of the major points which you need to take care of while solving problems of Mathematics is to avoid silly mistakes. To avoid errors, you need to double-check the calculations involved in every step.
  • Solve previous years’ papers and attempt mock tests: You can solve the questions of the previous years to get an idea about the types of questions as well as the difficulty level of the questions. In addition to that, you can attempt mock tests to keep track of your performance.

Getting jitters is common when it comes to the preparation of Maths as Maths phobia is quite common. The only way to conquer your fear of Maths and try this subject is to build your concepts and practice as many questions as you can. For that, you can attempt the sectional tests as well as the mock tests. With hard work and continuous practice, you can definitely score 90+ in class 9 Maths exam!

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