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What Exactly The Net Neutrality is?

No one knows about Net Neutrality although it is one of the trending topics on the Facebook, Twitter and all another social networking site. In normal words, the net neutrality means the telecom company sells you the data and it’s our wish we can use the data where ever we want to spend. Suppose if you buy the data of 1GB from your Telecom operator then what you will do? You spend lots of data on social networking sites and other websites. There is no place for Telecom Operator in our choices. The Net Neutrality is the principle that: ALL GOOD INTERNET TRAFFIC SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY BY INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS.

THE ISSUE: ISPS (Internet Service providers) will block certain contents and they will charge extra to allow that websites for you. If you didn’t get till now then watch this video you will get the clear idea about this, use Internet in a good way for good things.

Benefits of Net Neutrality:
  • Freedom to create competition
  • Freedom to speech
  • Ability to innovate
  • Protection against unfair pricing

Why they are organizing such plans:

“Just because of money” we know nowadays the peoples are more interested in chatting rather than calling because chatting is much cheaper than calling and now WhatsApp started the free calling service which already attracted the users and it will save the pocket of many of the users. Now Telecom companies fear if they can’t stop this then they’d remain nothing more than a pipe that delivers data to us. Now they are going to charge separately for all the stuff we do on the internet. 

What you can do to stop this as a user?

  • Log on to
  • Type your name and email address
  • Click on the Respond To TRAI.
  •  Then you need to log in through you the email address like Gmail, Hotmail etc.
  • Write the things which you distraught after adopting the net neutrality.
  • You can also send mail regarding this to your district MP.
  • This act is going to be imposed on 27th of this month, so share this info with your friends, family and relatives.your one email can stop this adaptation.


It all started when Telecom giant company AIRTEL charge higher tariffs for phone calls made through various apps such as Hike, Whatsapp etc. After that, all the Telecom started the initiative and now it is going to be happening. From the March 27, this plan will take place it means after 28th April you need to pay the extra amount to browse Flipkart, Amazon, and other social networking sites or Apps.

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