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Delhi Assembly Bye-Elections 2018 Date & Results (If Elections Held & MLA’s Disqualified)

Delhi Assembly Bye Election Results 2018

Delhi Assembly Bye-Elections 2018 Dates & Results: As known that the EC has recommended disqualifying 20 AAP MLA’s for holding ‘office of profit’ being the MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) which was forwarded to the President and president has approved the same which result for the disqualification and whereas AAP saying that they will reach court, high court or even supreme court on the issue, in case if the elections are held once again Delhi, after MLA’s are disqualifed, then the Delhi have the change to vote once again before the Lok Sabha elections, as recenly last year the MCD elections are also held, but if elections are subjected to be held, then the EC will release the Delhi By Elections Dates, Notifications, and other important information.

Delhi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Bye Elections 2018 – Dates, Polling Schedule

  • Delhi Assembly Bye-Elections 2018 Notification (Issue of Public Notice by EC): If elections are going to held, then the EC will declare the dates & releases a notification.
  • Last date for filing Nomination forms: N/A
  • Scrutiny of Nominations: N/A
  • Last Date of Withdrawal of Nominations: N/A
  • Delhi Assembly Bye-Polls Date: If Polls Held, Most expected in 2018/2019
  • Delhi Assembly Re-Polling (if required): N/A
  • Delhi Assembly Election Results/Counting of Votes: Not Available

Right now as of now, there is no information available regarding the conduction of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha Bye Elections 2018 for the 20 or 21 Seats, but if any update is there, we may let you know, the box available here is for the reference, if the elections are supposed to be conducted then at the time of counting of votes for all the parties including the AAP, Congress, BJP and others including independent candidates, the data would be updated here time to time, the latest Delhi Bye Elections 2018 Opinion Polls, Exit Polls and much more would be available, so just stay tuned with us to get latest updates around the time.

Delhi Assembly Bye-Elections Results 2018 (Vidhan Sabha) Live Updates Vote Counting:

Delhi UT Assembly By Polls/Elections Results 2018/2019 Live (Party Wise):
Name of the Party Leading Won  Total 
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), if contested  –  –  –
Indian National Congress (INC), if contested  –  –  –
Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), if contested  –  –  –
Janata Dal (United) JD(U), if contested  –  –
Yogendra Yadav’s Party, if contested  –  –  –
Other Parties and Independent Candidates  –  –  –
Total  –  –  Xyz

Delhi is UT or Union territory which as 70 Assembly constituencies, the Congress party was ruling before the Arvind Kejriwal’s government, the AAP managed to win the majority of 67/70 seats at the time, whereas Congress was left out with the zero, but this time if the 20 MLA’s are being disqualified then, a strange situation may have happened, but in this case, it wouldn’t have happened because even if they lose 20 MLA’s, their party AAP have more than half of the MLA’s which would help them to maintain the government stable, so still they have 35+ MLA’s remaining in the party, but let us see what would happen if the Delhi Legislative Assembly Vidhan Sabha by Polls or Elections 2018/2019 would be held, do comment your opinions etc.

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