All You Need To Know About The E-commerce Solutions in India


E-commerce Solutions in India: E-commerce can be explained as the commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet, nowadays after the demonetization effect in India lot of traders moved for the digital transactions leaving the cash behind and for those who had their business offline also tried to move it online so that it may also increase their sales as well as there will be direct transaction through the different online payment modes. E-commerce is the need of new India, just image a situation you want to buy something but you are busy with your work, or you don’t get time to go to a mall or somewhere else, so online purchasing can be a great option to you.

For those who already have a business offline they can also move to the e-commerce or online business with simple payment options and easy delivery of goods to the customer, In emerging digital market in India e-commerce plays a vital role. As you can see Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc. that they have emerged the India’s most known e-commerce website, and if you are worried about payment gateways than don’t’ worry, there are a lot of secure and best payment gateways available for your transactions.

E-commerce Solutions/Platforms in India

Here are some of the solutions or platforms which could help you to get your business online through the various ways, if you are interested in getting business online choose the best platform and do your best. Only a few e-commerce websites are listed here although you can research about the most known, popular and secure e-commerce solutions but we are giving our suggestions for some e-commerce solutions which are listed.

  • Shopify

The is India based e-commerce website which provides complete e-commerce solutions to its customers, according to their title ‘With Shopify, selling your products in many places is every bit as simple as selling in one’, it also manages various payment methods including the cash on delivery enabling option and the best part is 0% transaction fees for sales.

  • Drupal Commerce

The is a US based website which will manage all your online business activity with the secure payment gateway through various payment methods like Debit & Credit cards including Visa, Master card etc.cart’, Net Banking. Drupal Commerce is open source, which facilitates lower costs, higher quality, greater innovation, faster speed, and the excellent security record of Drupal.

  • Uniware

The is one of the famous e-commerce solution or platforms in India, as their slogan says ‘Unicommerce is India’s largest platform for managing orders & inventory across multiple marketplace carts.’ It gives you lot of best options so that you can also make your sales online through the various other e-commerce websites. You may also get the trial version based on the E-commerce you have chosen. Running an e-commerce business may lead you to very less invest when compared to physical shops. No need to invest in recruiting sales and others. Although it can be made simple if you made it.

Apart from the platforms available here, you can also research for more platforms or e-commerce solutions, but moving your business from offline to online mode (keeping offlines it well), you can make great sales and have a lot of benefits as it will boost your sales. E-commerce has shown enormous growth in the last few years as people in India ordering their required goods including the food also online. Sources say that the retail e-commerce sales around the world may reach 12.8% in the year 2019 from 7.4% in 2015.

Payment Gateway Integration With E-commerce Solutions

Yes, payment gateways are one of the most important parts we can talk when it comes to online business or e-commerce as the secure and easy or efficient payment will interact or attract your visitors to buy from you without hesitation. Payment gateways also include usage of the various type of cards including Visa, Master card or Rupay card, and even net banking also can be used to complete the payment. Nowadays people also prefer the COD (Cash on Delivery) option, as some e-commerce website offers various cashback schemes on doing payment online, you can also take advantage and ask your customer to pay at initial or prior to delivering the product through online payment as there will be no issues, choose the best payment gateway after the research.

Final words would be if you are planning to move your business than there are so many e-commerce platforms are there which could help you to get your business online, as recently demonization effect left with the cashless economy so people may prefer paying online instead of the cash on delivery so you can make it out your business a profitable business with the best strategies you can do. If you want to ask any doubt then you can ask it for sure in the comments section, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. And yeah! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends also.

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