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How to prepare the English Language for SBI Clerk Prelims 2021 Exam?

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SBI Clerk 2021 recruitment exam is one of the most popular bank exams in India. It is an amazing opportunity for young professionals. It is an online-based test, conducted to recruit an SBI Clerk or Junior Associate to work for the State Bank of India.

The SBI Clerk 2021 is soon to be notified. Over 9400 clerk/junior associates vacancies are to be released through SBI Clerk. We shall present you with some of the best SBI Clerk preparation tips which will help you to improve your English section for SBI Clerk.

SBI Clerk English Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Given below is a tabular representation of the three sections, namely English Language, Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability. The time given is a total of 60 minutes. There will be 100 questions in total carrying a total of 100 marks

English Language303020 minutes
Numerical Ability353520 minutes
Reasoning Ability353520 minutes
Total10010060 minutes

SBI Clerk English Questions: Topics

Here are the common topics that you can expect to be in the SBI Clerk English questions.

Reading ComprehensionCloze TestColumn Matching
Sentence CorrectionError DetectionJumbled Sentences
Active & Passive VoiceVocabulary [Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word Substitution]Phrase Replacement
Paragraph CompletionParagraph SummaryOdd One Out

SBI Clerk English Syllabus: Tips

Here are some tips that you can take advantage of during your preparation of the SBI Clerk English questions. You will be tested on English grammar for SBI Clerk along with practical questions.

  • Paper Analysis:
SBI Clerk English questionsNumber of questions
Reading comprehension8-10
Sentence rearrangement5
Sentence Correction/Error Detection/Spelling Errors10
Cloze Test5
  • Reading Comprehension:

Theme/Main Idea of Passage: Based on the fields like arts, technology or social sciences and humanities, the subject or theme of the passage is the concept the narrative is built around. It is the primary focus of the author and he presents his ideas as well as relevant counter-arguments to supportthem. Pay attention to the shifts in perspectives, ideas and occurrence of facts and like. Practice diverse passage to be fully equipped.

Author’s Point of View & Counter POVs: The author’s standpoint can either be presented in subtle phrases or be imminent to you right at the start of the passage. Furthermore, the author might agree with the general question of the passage or not but in both cases will provide the reasons for it. Your task is to find such pieces of information, connect them to answer the questions.

Conclusion: As a closing statement, it sums up all other elements of the passage.

  • Framing of Questions:The manner the questions are framed has a big effect on which of the given options are correct. Observe the usage of words such as ‘likely to agree with’, ‘most strongly agrees with’ and ‘most likely doesn’t agree with’. For example, if a question says that out of the given, which of the following is the author likely to agree with’ it suggests that out of the options, only a single one follows the author’s direction of arguments and others do not. Else, if the question asks that ‘which of the following is the author likely to most strongly agree with’ hints that the author may agree to all of the options but only one is the strongest of all.
  • Sentence Correction/Paragraph Correction/Error Detection/Odd One Out/

Generally, the passage may have errors in syntax, grammar or usage of particular word/phrases or idiom. Your task will be to identify the word or phrase which contains the error and replace it with the correct one.

Example [SBI Clerk English question paper with answers from 2019]:

Directions (79-85):Read each sentence to find out if there is any error in it. The error, if any will only be one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer andif there is no error, the answer is (e).

79.It is widely believe  (a)/  that the village situated on (b)/  India’s eastern coast will be wiped out (c)/ within a decade. (d)/ No error.(e)

80.Yesterday I met (a)/ an old friend (b)/ when I am going (c)/ to the market. (d)/ No error.(e)

81.The criminal was (a)/ sentenced to (b)/ death and was (c) hung for his crime (d)/ No error.(e)

83.Elon Musk is determined (a)/ to be success (b)/ in whatever field (c)/ he chooses. (d)/ No error.(e)

84.New purchasing power will increasingly (a)/ be coming from Asia and Africa where (b)/ the demographics are still fairly favourable (c)/ for high income and wealth growth. (d)/ No error (e).

85.Not just the (a)/ students but also (b)/ the principal were(c)/ laughing at the joke he cracked.(d)/No error (e).

Answers: 79-a, 80-c, 81-d, 82-e, 83-b, 84-e, 85-c. [Refer 2019 SBI Clerk English question paper with answers for the full question paper.]

  • Cloze Test: In a cloze test, you will be given a paragraph from which a few important words or phrases will be absent. After reading, the task is to find the right word/phrase from the listed options. Be attentive to the tone of the passage, extreme or irrelevant options, synonyms or antonyms of the given word.

Example [SBI Clerk English question paper with answers from 2019]

Directions  (86-90): In each of the given sentences, there is a blank space. Below in each sentence are five words out of which you have to use only one to fill the blank in order to make the sentence grammatically correct and coherent. Pick out the most appropriate word that fits into the blank contextually.

86.There is nothing to indicate the building’s past, ________ the fireplace.

(a) except (b) included(c) belonged(d) barred(e) Foster

87.Small farmers must be educated and __________ with proper incentive structures, to engage with agriculture.

(a) fascinated(b) encouraged (c) discouraged(d) harvested(e) invited

88.Raipur despite being ________________between two rivers, the Krishna river and the Tungabhadra river, it is a dust bowl in May first week.

(a) Surrounded(b) Located(c) Revealed(d) Settle(e) None of these.

Answers: 86-a, 87-b, 88-b, [Refer 2019 SBI Clerk English question paper with answers for the full question paper.

  • Jumbled Sentences/Phrase Replacement: Re-arrangement of sentences has a lot to do with how to make themmore logically flowing, rational and cohesive. It plays around with its context and meaning. Focus on critical words like, ‘however’,‘but’ ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘however’ etc. to know the direction and orientation of the whole paragraph.
  • Paragraph Summaries: In such questions, a paragraph will follow five options of possible summaries. The task you will be faced with is to make the most appropriate and relevant pick. The ideal paragraph summary will address the central theme of the passage, be in chronological order and give all the supporting elements a valid place. It must be accurate, crisp and contextual.
  • Vocabulary: Testing of vocabulary is a recurrent theme throughout the SBI Clerk English syllabus. Prepare by making 15-25 word lists as per your level, i.e, beginner, intermediate and advanced and learn its synonyms, antonyms, origin, common usage and other forms. This helps in connecting the given words easily.

SBI Clerk English Syllabus: Key Takeaways

  • Important Books for English grammar for SBI Clerk: Wren & Martin’s ‘English Language & Comprehension’, S.P. Bakshi’s ‘Objective General English’ and ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis. Also, buy the latest SBI Clerk English practice set.
  • CoreEnglish grammar for SBI ClerkPortions: English grammar for SBI Clerkfundamentals includes Active & Passive Voice, Direct & Indirect Speech, Subject-Verb Agreement, Person and Number, Prepositions, Parts of Speech and Figures of Speech must be treated as essentials. Practice regularly through the top SBI Clerk English practice set.
  • Time Management: There are only 20 minutes for the whole section comprising of 30 questions which leaves you with only 40 seconds per question. Thus, follow a stern time plan. If you do not arrive at the answer within 40 seconds, skip on to the next.

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