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FAQ’s About the IAS Exam – Indian Administrative Service (UPSC) Details


FAQ’s About the IAS Exam – Indian Administrative Service (UPSC) Details: IAS or Indian Administrative Service examinations are taken seriously right from their time on introduction in the country, but why are they so important? Should we care? What do we get in return? Questions may arise from all newbies who mistake them for Indian army service; this common misconception is to be stopped because see, here this changes the complete meaning, and for a lot of them, this may slightly be true. To Qualify for super high positions likes or ambassadors, RAW agents, Cabinet officials or Commander in Chiefs of Defense forces requires individuals who are extremely talented in all ways, especially in solving issues and problems with logical reasoning. That is why these examinations are conducted to determine best out of best talents within the country for amazing job positions to run the country. Whatever you call it, IAS, PCS, HAS, UPSC, they serve the same purpose. What are the parts? You first get the Notification in the start of the year so that you can gear up.

Information About IAS Examination or UPSC Union Public Service Commission:

Preliminary Exam: This will qualify you for the Mains IAS Exam which is scheduled for the end of the year. Don’t worry this is just an entrance test and will not affect your overall marks. In the image you can the topics covered in the exam, Preliminary Examination for Civil Services which has two papers, General Science-1 and General Science-2 is a kind of screening test only. The marks scored in The Preliminary Examinations will be declared to be qualified for the Mains Examination and will not count up for determining the final merit of the candidates.


Mains Exam: You get 9 subjects to deal with which consists of 1750 marks and an Interview session for 275 marks making it 2025 out of which ~680 are the passing marks in this category for general public. Check various details like passing marks, number of questions etc before appearing to the exams.

Personality Test or Interview: This is arguably the best of them all. This could be extremely tricky or straight simple; you may be asked: “Which state is the Bay of Bengal in?” First thought striking the mind would be ‘West Bengal’ or something like that BUT the answer they expect would be “Liquid state.” Why? How? The answer is water in the liquid state at natural temperature. This will either select you or send you back for another year.

FAQ’s About the IAS Exam – Indian Administrative Service (UPSC)

  • Is IAS is the highest of all exams?

It’s just another exam for special recruitment. Though it is highly decorated, it does not make me appeal frankly. There are many exams held every year in India for various posts, some are held at state level and some at national level, so if you wanna move up for IAS then go ahead with UPSC exam.

  • IAS is what some toppers do. I wasn’t a topper, can I we even appear?

If you see something with a negative perspective, it will look negative! A sheet of paper cannot decide your future, try first if you feel you want to give the examination, it’s never like someone is going to stop you from doing that. Why will someone?

  • A person stated she studied 20 hours every day for 365 days, do I follow the same?

No! Don’t be crazy relax and rewind. Your brain needs rest; that’s just an examination for some position, nothing else… Also, make sure you get enough food and sleep. Quantity time is different and quality time is different so we suggest you to go for the quality time where you can do your best.

  • How long should I study?

I say as long as you feel comfortable because you can’t go on insane night outs and balance your life. You may have college or a job, or something may be. Don’t ruin your life behind this, If you ask me a number then considering you work for 9 hours at the office and need traveling time etc.. 2-3 and on max 4 hours should be doing your work. Everybody needs rest and everybody has to survive.

  • My English is very poor, what do I do?

First of all, you can write these exams in your mother tongue and secondly it is an amazing chance to correct your linguistics. You struggled your whole life, do you want to continue this way? Not!!

We know you have this process lasting a year but you can give a try, who knows the outcome? Stay tuned with us to get more information, we may also update the schedule, dates, IAS Exam preparation tips, Procedure, some of the myths and realities are already written above, so you can also comment if you have any doubts, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to get more updates.

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