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India’s First Digi Locker By Government Of India – Secure Documents Over Cloud

Digi Locker - Secure Documents Over Cloud

Digi Locker: It is the service which is launched by the GOI [Government of India] in the month of February 2015 to provide the Indians a safer, secure and best place to store their documents online. In other words, you can say it as virtual personal storage space for the residents of India. If you opt for a locker in the bank to keep or store your personal or precious ornaments in the same sense, a locker will be provided to you by the GOI to keep or store your documents safely.

You might be thinking that there are multiple online sites which provide free storage then why to choose “Digi Locker” over all those free storage services so here is is your answer.

Why to Use DigiLocker?

  • Enable digital empowerment of residents by providing them with Digital Locker on the cloud.
  • The authenticity of the documents and keeping it safe online.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to the documents by the resident
  • Ensure privacy and authorized access to residents data.
  • Can easily share the documents in the government agencies for faster processing.

Indian citizens will be able to avail a maximum of 10MB storage space per document and overall space a citizen will get is 1GB. So why to carry all documents hard copy, use technology and use ‘Digi Locker’ to safer, faster access to your precious documents. The process to use Digi Locker is very simple, you just need to re-size the documents before you start uploading it, make sure the documents are less than 1MB, after resizing the documents just simply follow the below steps to start uploading your documents on Digi Locker safely.

How To Use Digi Locker?

  1. Sign up to avail this service of DigiLocker on official website of Digi Locker
  2. Verify your account with OTP sent on your mobile and Aadhar Card number.
  3. You will see the page where the boxes like Select Document, Upload Document are there, select “Upload Documents.”
  4. Choose the type of document example “SSC Certificate” and fill the details like State, Document or hall ticket number, etc. and upload your document (Max. limit is 1MB per document).
  5. The link will be provided to you to access the document. Enjoy!

India currently does not have a lot of documents that are available online. The exceptions are old Income-Tax Returns, and maybe the Aadhaar number itself. But the initiative by the government of India may help a lot of people to avail this DigiLocker services because it is the money saving and resources savings too. The move may undoubtedly reduce administrative overheads, time and space.

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