Shocking! Petrol And Diesel Are Much Cheaper Than Water

Petrol And Diesel Are Much Cheaper Than Water

While petrol and diesel are most essential fuels for the daily life of a person specially in a big country like India as it nowadays transportation is essential for everyone. Transportation requires fuel like petrol and diesel. Petrol and fuel natural resources, eradication from the Earth in unrefined structure and after that they are refined for appropriate utilise and not each nation is sufficiently lucky to have these resources.

Anyhow there is a little bit decrease in the prices of these fuels like petrol and diesel nowadays but this fact can’t be denied that if the Indian government removes tax and duty charges from the petrol and diesel then these resources will be available for much cheaper price than the water.

Yes, you read correctly! If tax and duty charges are really removed from the fuel than it may be available for the price lesser than water. You might be thinking how? Check out an estimation how these fuel prices costs lesser than petrol in case of tax and duty charges are removed.

According to a report of a News Channel, the price of oil, last week was $29.24 which means almost Rs. 1950 INR per barrel and each barrel contains 158 litres of oil, with an easy calculation we can determine that if 158 litres of oil costs 1950 rupees then 1 litre of oil costs around Rs.12.30. While the price of 1-litre mineral water in India is around Rs. 20 INR.

One litre of water costs around Rs.20 INR and in the same sense the one price of one-litre oil costs around Rs. 12.30 INR. But anyhow this calculation is done by removing the tax and duty charges. The decline in the costs of oil has helped Indian government a great deal in diminishing the monetary shortfall and reinforcing the economy.

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