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How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Prelim’s English? Find Top Tips and Strategies Here!

How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Prelim’s English

IBPS released an official notification for the recruitment of IBPS Clerk on 14th September 2018. The preliminary exam is scheduled for December 2018. If you have started preparing to crack this first step towards becoming an IBPS Clerk then, read this article to know in detail the right approach and plan for the English Section. Moreover, find the right tips and strategies to crack the IBPS Clerk Prelims 2018 easily.

Section-Wise Division to Prepare English for IBPS Clerk Prelims

This will be the first time that the IBPS Clerk Prelims will have a sectional timing. Each Section will have a time limit of 20 minutes. Here are some basic and simple tips to strategize your preparation for the following topics which will appear in the English Section of IBPS Prelims as well as the mains:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar (Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement, Fill in the Blanks)
  • Vocabulary (Cloze test)
  • Verbal Ability (Parajumble)

Prepare Reading Comprehension for IBPS Clerk Prelims

The Comprehension passage will mostly be based on Topics from Banking & Economy, Moral Stories, Business, Sociology, etc. with questions framed to test your grasping power and vocabulary.

  • Your reading speed should be good. Hence, it is advised that you practice reading atleast for 20-30 minutes daily.
  • Improve your vocabulary. Learn at least one new good word every day. Note down any good new word you encounter while practicing the passage and find the meaning of this word.
  • You can also read all the questions before reading the passage. This approach will help you to simultaneously know the right answer for the given question and understand the central theme of the story while reading the passage.
  • It is advised that you practice at-least 10 sets of questions every day. Segregate the topics and attempt 6 questions from moral stories, 2 questions from social issues and the rest from Banking & Economy.
  • Practice. Practice. Attempt mock tests and solve previous year question paper.
  • Make sure you attempt the mock tests or previous year papers like you would attempt your real exam.
  • Needless to say you should Practice and Focus more on Topics which you are week in or think take more time to solve.

Prepare English – Grammar for IBPS Clerk Prelims

Some important topics under this section are error spotting, fill in the blanks, and phrase replacement.

  • Somewhere around 5 -10 questions are Grammar-based. Therefore, you need to focus on topics like Tenses, Prepositions, Articles, Subject-Verb Agreement, Degrees of Comparison, Parts of Speech, Conjugations, Adverbs, Nouns, Standard construction, etc.
  • Daily practice minimum of 30 questions from all the topics.
  • You need to be aware of the type of questions for making your grammar strong. You can also refer free Testbook app for practicing English.
  • Take the mock test for getting real-time experience of the questions and exam.

Prepare English – Vocabulary for IBPS Clerk Prelims

  • This section will include the following topics; Cloze test, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks (double blanks), and Phrase replacement.
  • Focus on building a strong vocabulary. Note down any good new word you encounter while practicing the passage and find the meaning of this word and learn synonyms, antonyms. Try to use these words in your conversations.
  • Practice questions like; fill in the blanks, cloze test, error spotting and phrase replacement.
  • Solve previous year papers and take mock test. Attempt these the way you would attempt the main exam. This will help you understand your preparation level.
  • Use flash cards to memorize the basics of areas you are weak in.
  • Try to understand the contextual usage of new words.

Prepare English – Verbal Ability for IBPS Clerk Prelims

This section will include questions based on Para Jumbles. Such questions require you to understanding the context to complete the sentence.

  • Try to understand the Gist of the paragraph such that you can use it to answer the questions asked. Remember that the para will have a beginning, middle and end. You need to frame your gist accordingly.
  • Look for conjunctions (connecting words) which will help you connect the Events of the paragraph.

General Strategy to Prepare English for IBPS Clerk Exam

  • Let learning the basics of Grammar be your primary focus. Once you get through with the basics, you can easily solve the entire paper.
  • Solve as many ibps clerk mock tests as possible. While doing so, remember to focus more on ‘accuracy’.
  • Focus more on practicing the questions you find difficult or spend more time-solving.
  • It is recommended that, when practicing, start with the vocabulary section, this section will fetch you more marks in less time. Then, move to the Comprehension section. Go through the given passage and attempt the vocab and the fact section. After this proceed towards solving the theme based questions. At the end you can pick the verbal ability section, as this is easy and scoring.
  • Solve the previous year question papers or mock tests to gain accuracy along with speed.

Hope this article helpful! So, start right now and make a detailed good timetable to prepare for the IBPS Clerk Prelim’s English Section. Until then, Practice! Practice! Practice!

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