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Who Will Win Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2022?

Punjab State Assembly Elections 2022

The Punjab Vidhan sabha assembly consists of 117 seats. The Punjab legislative assembly elections were last held on 30th January 2012, to elect the 117 members of the Punjab Legislative Assembly. The Punjab Legislative Assembly to held on 4th February 2017 including Goa, Stay Tuned with us, so that you will get more information on the Punjab, Goa, Uttarakhand, UP and Manipur Elections 2017. All set of the polls and it is expected that good polling percentage to done.

After the huge victory of Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi 2015 Vidhan Sabha elections winning 67 out of 70 wards. Aam Aadmi Party has decided to contest the Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections in 2017 also. When it comes to the BJP, the BJP will also contest the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 as BJP has already contested in 2012. Till than you can also check: Punjab Elections Results 2017 for which counting of votes to be started from the 11th March 2017.

The major party in the Punjab ‘Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)’ which won the highest number of seats in the recent 2012 Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017 will also contest the elections in 2017. Whereas Congress is the is the second major party which won the highest number of seats after SAD, will also contest the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017. Independent candidates may also contest with all the political parties.

Who Will Win Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2017?

If you have any questions about the Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections in 2017, you can ask here, we will try to answer your queries and you can also check Who May be next PMO India in 2019.

Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections 2012 Results:


BJP Congress Others


12 46


Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) won 54 seats out of 117 where as BJP won 12 seats, the alliance of BJP and SAD formed the government in Punjab, whereas Congress won 46 seats and others won only 5 seats.

Final Words and Conclusion:

“I won’t be surprised if Delhi results are repeated in Punjab,” Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said, responding to a question at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit, this shows the confidence of AAP and others parties may also trying their level best to win the upcoming elections of Punjab in 2017. Looks like AAP is all set for the upcoming Punjab elections 2017 as they have also started announcing list of candidates on constituencies, but let us see who will win the elections. Candidates being announced by the parties and Navjot Singh Sidhu forming ‘Awaaz E Punjab’, and Navjot Sidhu has joined congress party officially, let us see which party win how many seats, do follow us on Facebook (All India Word) for latest updates. For Detailed Punjab Elections Opinion Polls, Results, Exit Polls and Live Updates visit: www.punjabelectionsresults2017.in, India Today-Axis Opinion Poll has also been announced ‘Game of Thrones’ for parties. Apna Punjab also a political party.

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