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Why Do We Celebrate Republic Day On 26 January

REPUBLIC-DAY Celebration
Why Do We Celebrate Republic Day On 26 JanuaryWe all know that we celebrate 26th January as Republic day but do you know why we celebrate, what is the need to celebrate? Read on to know the answers of all these questions related to the Republic day. Everyone knows that on 26th January 1950 our constitution was formed replacing “Government Of India” act(1935). Before the adoption of our constitution, there is a law called as “Government of India” act that was made by Britishers and the laws are completely in favour of Britishers.

Why Do We Celebrate Republic Day?

On the day January 1950, India adopted it’s own constitution and effected from 26th of January 1950. The constitution was made observing the other countries. We all know that before the Republic day the Democracy system was not there so, on the Republic day we got our Democracy- Right to vote, not only this but we got a lot of rights of ours. Each and everything was described in the constitution i.e, Indian constitution, including election procedure, right to live, women rights and all other rights. In simple and easy words Republic day can also be called as the “Day of Getting Rules and Regulations”, so from that day onwards we all got our rights and all. On the occasion of getting our own constitution which came into effect on 26th January 1950, we celebrate Republic day every year.

Republic Day in India:

It was done in the presence of many great freedom fighters, political leaders and a lot of people and in the presence of our first prime minister Mr.Jawahar Lal Nehru and others, as we know that Mr. Gandhi died in the year 1948, so he was not present in the Republic day as we know that India got independence on the 15th August 1947 but the day our constitution came into effect was 26th January 1950. In Hindi, we call Republic day as ‘Ganatantra Divas’, In Urdu we call is as ‘Youm E Jamhoriat’.

Republic Day Celebration:

Although we know that the Republic day is celebrated all over India, every school use to celebrate the Republic day by encouraging students to do speeches on the great leaders and explaining about the Republic day. The school management will distribute sweets and snacks to the students. Even though there are so many games or shows presented on the occasion of Republic Day.

At the central level the President use to host the flag which is telecasted live on the TV by the ‘Doordarshan channel’ and even other news channels also telecast it. You can watch the live telecast Here. You may also check Republic Day Images, wallpapers HD, speeches and can download it for free on 26th January 2017.

Republic Day Patriotism:

As the Indians are most patriotic, on the republic day all the martyrs who lost their life for the independence of the country will be remembered, some schools or colleges declare holiday whereas so many will celebrate it showing a lot of patriotism. Celebrate the Republic day with peace and non-violence, this day teaches us to respect, do share this article with your friends also and let them also know the information. A friendly message to all our reader on the occasion of republic day: ‘Say no to corruption always, neither give nor accept’.

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