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Top PC Antivirus Software Programmes – Which One to Buy?

top pc antivirus software programmes

Top PC Antivirus Softwares- Which One to Buy? As obviously we need an antivirus software to protect our computer from the harmful malware programs and software and virus. So there are such companies which provide the essential anti-virus software which is required for us to save our PC, even though nowadays mobiles are also needed the anti-virus programmes because there is a lot of malware in the Android programs can be inserted by the attackers. So We must have an antivirus in our PC to ensure the protectivity of our computer.

Top Antivirus Programmes to Buy

1. NORTON Anti Virus

Norton antivirus is the most used antivirus program since the introduction of this program because it has a lot of features and updates, even it doesn’t cost too much easy user interface. It can be used easily and it also provides you one month free trial.

2. AVAST Anti Virus

After the NORTON Antivirus program the most downloaded and installed antivirus is AVAST anti virus software sponsored by ALWIL company. It gives easy user interface with not only 1 month trial but after registration it gives you 1 year trial version. Avast is quite very popular and awesome Antivirus software which provides lot of functionality which you will be knowing after using the same.

3. Kaspersky Anti Virus

Kaspersky anti virus was one of the most famous antivirus during the time of 2007-2010 when Avast was not that much popular but as the time passes the NORTON And AVAST took the first and second place. It also gives you one month trial. Kaspersky is also looking to be popular in 2017 & 2018, check out it’s a trial version, if you like then you may move for paid version also.

4. BidDefender Anti Virus

After the launch of Panda antivirus the Bit-defender also introduced their anti virus software which got so much popular and used by so many users world wide. You can purchase this program very cheaply at the price of Rs.189/-only, this was the previous price, do check the latest price at Amazon and other good e-commerce websites.

5. ESET Anti Virus

Last but not the least the ESET antivirus was also most top antivirus during the time of 2010 but Avast took it’s place. ESET also gives you the one month trial with full protection for your PC. Even Nowadays ESET is used but it is not as popular as those time but still, it depends on various factors, just download the trial version and check it out, if you like then you can move ahead.

You should have a full-version anti virus program installed on your PC so that you can save your PC from malware attacks and threats or virus which will result in smooth running of your PC without any data corruption issues.

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