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Top 10 Interview Questions With Top 10 Smart Answers

Top 10 Interview Questions With Top 10 Smart Answers

Top 10 Interview Questions With Top 10 Smart Answers: Whenever a job seeker hears the word interview he always thinks and concerned about the Question that may be asked in the interview. The person needs to give the smart answers to the smart question in order to be selected for the interview. This smart question and smart answers system in usually implemented in so many big companies because nowadays there is the number of job seekers than jobs. The interview or the HR needs to select the best one who suits this job for the company as it’s the duty of the HR. Most of the people are disqualified in first round and some are disqualified in second and round and even some are disqualified in the third round due to inability to answer smartly to the smart questions. Here is the list of most asked smart questions with most answered smart answers.

Tell Us Something about you or Give your Intro?

  • Ans: Always remember that they are not concerned to know about your personal life or about your family, remember that you need to explain here about your career, your talents, your experience and finally little bit about your qualification. Make it short and simple and don’t make it lengthy.

Why Do You Want This Job?

  • Some of job seekers reply this question with simple answer “money” but money is not the exact answer they are searching in you, you need to tell about your thirst to learn, passionate to learn, hard working ability and finally you need to explain that how you can be a value to their company. And you can also explain that how your qualifications meet the company requirements for this position.

What is your Biggest Weakness?

  • This looks to be a complicated and tough question but you can answer this question as an advantage to make it positive way, you can simply answer “My Biggest weakens is that I am anxious till I complete my work” and in another way you can smartly answer is by saying “I usually tend to perform worse in interviews than in work”

How much salary are you Expecting?

  • This is one the toughest question asked and so many candidates replying with their expected range of salaries and the candidate may be the fired because he is expecting a lot or less but this answers also needed to be answered smartly by saying that the company has already decided that salary for this post so I will accept what the company has decided for the candidate for this post, you can also ask them the range of the salaries for this post and tell me something best around that.

Why Did you left your previous Job?

  • You can answer this questions in simple and easy manner by saying that why you are fired and if try to make stories of your own there may be chances that interviewer may caught you can this may lead to problem, any how you can also say that “I was not able to learn something new there” so something relating this but answer with your own the best one and true one.

How can you handle Stress or Pressure?

  • Just explain a real story where you have handled the stress and pressure and don’t ever try to make fake stories because there are chances that interviewer may caught you. Explain about your strengthen, inner qualities,l your decision-making skills which helped you to handle the stress and pressure and also explain how you have completed the work before the deadline.

Will You resign from This job if you get high paying Job?

  • If you say “yes” for this question the interviewer may not be impressed, even if you say “no” than in this case also the interviewer may not be impressed with you and may ask you further more questions related to this so answer smartly by saying that “Im defined by the my values not by money, money is important in everyone’s life but dedication towards work is more important”. Just show the best attitude towards money.

Tell Us About a difficult situation you have Handled?

  • Just explain your real life situation where you really handled the difficult situation and how you managed to come out of stress and pressure in that situation and how you didn’t lose your mind and was calm in that type of situation too. Be frank to explain how to really handled that situation and get of rid this in that time.

How Many Hours You can Work and Why?

  • Some candidates thinking that this question is related to their working hours and simply answer that they can work for maximum 8 hours etc but you have to answer this question smartly by saying “I can work pretty long hours a day, even I work more to find the ways to add value to assignments or projects, and when the client’s receives the assignments or projects they should be ensure that they no one else have done it best than our company”.

“Do You Have Any Question To Ask?”

  • Some people are very much excited and ask “what is my joining date”, don’t ask like this because this may turn negativity in interviewer’s mind and he may reject you at the time too. You can ask that “On what type of projects I will be assisted to work” or something related to this but don’t be over-excited here.

Always try to answer the best and true of yourself and don’t be overconfident in interviews and don’t be hesitated to answer the questions and prepare the best for the interview. Give your valuable comments and suggestions in the below comment box, our suggestion for all the candidate giving the interview is that, be formal and give the true answers, don’t try to lie. Be yourself in a good manner.


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