How To Apply For JNTU Challenge Valuation – Complete Information


How To Apply For JNTU Challenge Valuation – Complete Information: JNTU Challenge Valuation: JNTU is the one of the top university in India, and second most top university in the Telangana State and Andhra Pradesh state, whereas more than 650 colleges are affiliated by the JNTU in the Telangana and AP states. JNTUH CV is a thing which is useful to those students who are very sure about thier exam papers that they have did their best and even if the paper is recorrected infront of them or the xerox copy of the corrected paper is sent to their address, they would get the passing marks or they will gain the marginal marks decided by the University to claim the refund of the Rs.10.000/-, continue reading for more.

What Is JNTUH Challenge Valuation:

If you have written the exam but you are not qualified in the exam that means not even scored passing marks in any of the subjects that are 26/75 in an External exam. If you are highly confident that you have written the exam well and you may pass if the paper is again corrected, or you are highly confident that you have written the exam well but you have not qualified than now you can apply for challenge valuation.

How is JNTU Challenge Valuation is Done:

If you apply for the JNTU challenge valuation for the specific subject than the paper will be corrected in front of you. Yes! you heard right! they will correct the paper again in front you to make sure that you have qualified in the examination or not.

Rules for JNTUH Challenge Valuation:

  • You have to pay Rs.10,000/- per subject to apply for JNTU challenge valuation.
  • If there is an increase of 15% of maximum marks out of 75 which means 11 marks after the Challenge valuation than at that condition only the JNTU will refund you Rs.9000 back and add the marks in that subject.
  • If there is a change of 11 marks after the Challenge valuation than only the new marks will be updated.
  • Note: You should qualify after the increment of 11 marks to get the refund.If there is an increase of 10 marks also, you won’t get any refund from JNTU and even marks won’t be updated.

Examples of JNTUH CV Marks:

  • Example 1: If a student scored 20 marks than he/she applied to JNTUH CV than if there is an increment of 11 marks, so the JNTUH will update the marks that are 20+11 = 31, the student has QUALIFIED THE EXAMTHERE IS AN INCREMENT OF AT LEAST 11 MARKSTHE AMOUNT OF RS.9000 WILL BE REFUNDED.
  • Example 2: If a student scored 20 marks but after JNTUH CV there is the only increment of 4 marks than 20+4 = 24, then the student has NOT QUALIFIED, NO INCREMENT OF AT LEAST 11 MARKS, NO REFUND.
  • Example 3: If a student scored 20 marks and after the JNTUH CV there is an increment of 9 marks than 20+9 = 29, but MARKS WILL NOT BE UPDATED because there is no increment of at least 11 Marks, the student scored only 20 marks so NOT QUALIFIED, and NO REFUND.

How to Apply for JNTUH Challenge Valuation:

  1. You need to apply for the JNTUH challenge valuation within 15 days from the date of declaration of Recounting/Revaluation or Challenge valuation.
  2. You need to pay Rs.10,000 (Ten thousand Rupees) per subject through the DD (Demand draft) in the favor of Registrar JNTUH.
  3. Keep the DD receipt with you, you will receive the photocopy of your answer booklet by giving the Demand draft receipt.
  4. The xerox copy of your result should be submitted along with the receipt of DD and to be handed over to exam branch of the principal.
  5. Your college exam branch will forward your application to the JNTUH.
  6. The date will be given to the student to go to JNTUH university so that the JNTUH can correct the paper in front of you.
  7. They will evaluate the paper again by the senior faculty appointed by exam branch of the university.

Note These Important points for JNTUH CV:

  • No challenge valuation for Lab marks.
  • Need to apply only within 15 days after notification is issued.
  • Need the increment of at least 11 marks and qualify after CV to get Refund.

We suggest you to apply for JNTUH C.V only if you are fully confident that you will gain more 11 marks and get qualified

Note: We have provided our best information from our sources but this is unofficial information, we are not responsible for further proceeding. Contact your College Exam branch for Complete information before applying to JNTU C.V.


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