Detailed Information: Exemption (Skipping) of 2 Subjects Rule in JNTU


Detailed Information: Exemption (Skipping) of 2 Subjects Rule in JNTU: As so many students are confused regarding this issue of exemption of 2 subjects in JNTUH or the Grace marks issue for the examinations. So here we are writing the common Questions of the students with their answers as best as possible from our side. All the questions are answered with the best to be understood by the students easily.

Is Exemption Officially Declared?

Yes, the skipping of 2 subjects officially declared by the JNTUH on the date 20th June 2013. Official notification was posted on JNTU World but it is closed now.

How Many subjects I can skip?

You can skip maximum 2 subjects of 8 credits only of 1,2,3,4 years. Our suggestion is that if you skip the subject of 6 credits than you can skip only one subject so if you want to skip 2 subjects than skip the subjects of 4 credits.

Which students are R09 Batch students?

The students who took admission in the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 are R09 Regulation students, are belongs to other regulations.

Can Lateral Entry students skip the subjects?

No, the lateral entry students can’t skip the subjects while it is not confirmed or officially declared by the JNTU but if it is confirmed we will inform you.

How to Apply for Exemption of 2 subjects?

Fill up the form and submit in your respective colleges and further inquiry can be done in your college.

Do I Need to Pay fee for this?

Don’t worry you don’t even need to pay a single penny for this but if you apply in tatkal you may have to pay Rs,1000 INR per memo.

What if I secured full 200 credits?

Don’t worry if you got fully secured 200 credits the 8 credits will be removed from your 200 credits, it mean the subjects in which you got the least or less marks will be removed and you will get your memo.

Can I Leave Lab Based theory Subject?

Yes, you can leave but you need to clear all the Lab Subjects. Example: for the subject ‘MPI’ you can skip the ‘MPI Subject’ but not ‘MPI Lab’. If you have any queries and questions you can ask in comments.

Can I skip the Open elective subject?

Yes, don’t worry you can skip the open elective also.

Can I leave the Lab practical subjects?

No, not at all , you can’t skip the Labs.

When will I get the memo?

If you secured full 200 credits you will get the memo within a week but for those who secured less than 200 credits it means those who have skipped the subjects will get the memo within a month.
But if you need in urgent than you can apply in tatkal by paying Rs.1000 INR. Procedure to by asked by colleges respectives.

I scored full 200 credits, can I leave subjects of my own choice?

No, you can’t skip the subjects of your choice, the JNTU will automatically removes the subjects in which you scored less or least marks.

Can I Skip EDP (Engineering drawing 1st Year)?

Yes, sure you can skip this subject, but once confirm from your college exam branch.

Will I get fail or Star Mark if I skip subjects?

No, not at all, you won’t get any star mark or the fail indication on your memo.

Is there any last date to apply for Exemption of 2 subjects?

No , you can apply anytime confirming in you college and you can apply in your college or the JNTUH directly.

Note:  This information is for R09 Regulation batch but for other batches you can confirm in your respective colleges. For R13 and R15, R16 Regulations Batch students there might be option or choice to skip 2 subjects but it is not official yet, stay tuned with us. The above information we provided is from the sources, once ask your college ‘exam branch’ before applying or for confirmation. This information is for JNTU-Hyderabad.


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