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Heat Waves: Hyderabad Resident Cook Omelette On Sunlight Without Fire

Hyderabad Cook Omelette On Sunlight Without Fire

As the heat is increasing day by day in India especially in the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, there are a lot of deaths. According to a piece of news in Deccan Chronicle the toll in a span of three days, has gone up from 85 to 100 dead, all the 100 deaths are due to sunstroke. In Andhra Pradesh, a high number of deaths due to heat was reported in Kadappa and Prakasham districts. In Telangana State Meanwhile, deaths have been reported in Medak and Warangal districts. Whereas people are finding the ways to escape from this heat using air coolers and air conditioners but the temperature is increasing day by day (as was in 2016).

On Wednesday, April 13th, 2016, a new record was formed in Hyderabad city. The capital city of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh has recorded 43°C as its maximum, which happens to be the highest in recent 43 years and 5 degrees above the normal levels. Areas including Kothagudem (44°C), Bhadrachalam (43°C), Sattupalli (43°C), and Khammam (42°C). Even in the winter, in the end of the season of Winter, the Hyderabad records the lowest temperature which was 12.8 C (as on 01st February 2018), but any how there is a huge gap between the 12C and 44C, you can give your suggestions and tips through the comments that how people can try to save themselves from the heat.

Man Uses Heat Wave to Cook Omelette:

As Hyderabad has also faced high temperature that is around 43°C, a man from the Hyderabad city seen cooking an omelette in the sunlight using heat waves, he is not using any fire, gas or anything else. He is cooking the egg in the public, nearby Charminar. It might be surprising but it’s true, you can check out the above picture taken while he was cooking the egg (omelet) in the sunlight. As heat is increasing day by day few people may be using air condition or AC but if you are one of them, then do think about the poor people that how are sleeping in the nights and how they are facing the hotness in the day, take lesson as well as try to help them as much as you can, to the needy.

The South region of India facing lot of issues due to the high temperature. As the temperature is increasing day by day, people feeling more thirsty so some other people are also arranging water camps to serve water. Let us see what happens in the upcoming days, hope that everything will be good but we suggest you to have a bowl of water placed in your home for the birds because not only humans feels thirsty. Kindness is a good thing so try to help others by serving water also. Stay tuned with ‘All India Word’ to get latest updates and information about the Hyderabad city specially and education updates also, do share this article with your friends also.

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