10 Weird Negative Effects Of Social Media On Your Mind


10 Weird Negative Effects Of Social Media On Your Mind: Nowadays social media is quite popular in our society due to some benefits but apart from these benefits have you ever thought that how social media could affect one’s mind negatively. Using social media for the real good purpose is good and different thing but losing your real life for just the sake of social media can’t be justified. Apart it’s good for exchanging information, getting updates for what you like and keeping an eye about the latest news this will make you stuck in useless things also. Here we are sharing the 10 weird negative effect of social media on your mind.

10 Weird Negative Effects of Social Media On Your Mind:

1. Starting Comparison About Your Life:

There are lots of people seen on social media and compares themselves with other’s lives and doesn’t understand that everybody has a different life, if someone posted “Wow! I bought a new bike today – Thanks, Dad!”, in this sense one person may think once that why my dad hasn’t gifted me this and doesn’t understand their lifestyles, this comparison may further lead your to so may issues like personal problems etc, just try to understand that everybody has a different question paper of their lives and if you try to copy other’s answers – it’s useless. Instead of comparing be happy with what you have.

2. Too Much Concerned About Others Review:

There are still a lot of people who post their photos and just want likes from others. Seems some people upload photos just for the sake of likes. If they don’t get enough likes they are very much concerned about this issue and even some people curiously check their photos or status every 15 minutes to see how likes are increasing. They don’t understand that ‘Like’ doesn’t mean everything to them. They may just like your photo but with not their intention or true heart. Facebook ‘Like’ should not affect somebody’s life. Why care about other’s review on your own photo when you can justify it!

3. Wastage of Hard Earned Money:

The era is modernising, recently there was slow internet connection which are 2G’s connections but now 3G even 4G is being used by people, spending money just for the sake of social media! If a person who don’t have money or resources to access social media what will he do when he is running out of money? Answer it to yourself that is social media that much important to spend your or your’s father’s hard earned? Facebook loads videos automatically and uses your data very fastly this simply results in wastage of money. Think twice before spending money on social media (as you may know how much 4G packs costs) just for the sake of likes. Later on, you may think that you wasted of lot of money and may lead your mind to re-think about this.

4. Wastage Of Precious Time:

If you have time you have everything! Being online on social media for hours and hours is just a waste of time and nothing else, you can utilize this time to earn money, read some useful books and help the other needy. Every second of life is precious. Just imagine if you have crores of rupees but you don’t have time! You might thirst to live your real life apart from the virtual life (social media). So don’t waste a lot of time on social media. Try for good alternatives if you have free time because wasting of time may never make you happy. This may lead your mind to rethink about how you lost your precious time.

5. It May Cause Eye Sight Issues:

Yes, what you read is right! Sitting in front of a computer or using mobile for hours and hours may cause eyesight problems. The monitor/display releases some radiation which may cause the problem to your eyes and even some people suffer from headache also due to eye problems. Even though if you using social media from your mobile the radiations emitted from the mobile screen may also lead to so many eye problems. Eye problems may lead to a headache as well as it affects your visibility to see real life and you may need to wear glasses or contact lenses. It may cause a lot of stress to your mind by headache etc.

6. It May Lead You To Depression:

Yeah! Social media may also lead to depression problems also. A person may argue with his friend on social media and sometimes this argument may lead to big issues and sometimes this leads to depression also. There are some people who need lot of likes on social media and if they fail to get more likes sometimes, this leads to depression for them, it can also be in the form of competition, as an example if someone is trying to get 100 likes and his or her friends get more likes than jealousy starts (not always but varies from person to person) and struggling for more likes and pressure for creating fake accounts for more likes, spending money for fake likes may lead to depression finally. So don’t take social media very seriously and avoid silly things.

7. Ignoring Physical Health or Activity:

What you would be doing if there was no social media, you would have spent some time with your friends, travelling, exercise etc. Sitting in front of computer or staring mobile phone for hours and hours is no useful. You should maintain your physical health also. Physical health is also important with mental health. So this may lead to laziness. So try your level best to do exercises or physical activities and maintain your physical health and be healthy and be strong.

8. Distraction From Real World:

If you spent hours and hours on social media how would you face the real world! Just imagine for a while if you met with a person who has no knowledge about social media or the internet what would you talk with him? Don’t be in the virtual world just try to know the real world. Chatting with friends on facebook is different and spending time with friends is different! You can only know the difference. One day you may bore with social media and need to come to real world and how will you leave the virtual world, just imagine you don’t have internet connection then how would you manage to be in real world forgetting virtual world, it would take some time, but you will be distracted in the beginning but if you are a core user of social media than it may take a long time to move on from social media.

9. Relationship Problems:

Yes, this is also a big issue when you are using social media. If you are leaving away from your partner (your husband or wife) than might be interested to know their password to access their social media profiles and sometimes you may think that they are cheating. Even though they are not cheating sometimes due to social media (if someone likes his or her profile, example) you may doubt on your partner and this leads to the arguments, debates between you and your partner and finally, relationship problems will start. It even may happen with brothers, sisters and all kinds of relationships. So using social media only up to a level may be good but using it as to break your relations is not justified.

10. Most Dangerous – Addiction!

No need to explain about the addiction of social media as so many people know about the social media addiction, Social media addiction is very bad if not used in a proper or good way. People want to leave social media at the time of their examinations but they can’t due to the addiction due of social media, they may be always concerned about what others may be posting, what are the new updates from my friends, who commented on my profile or who is online etc. If a person want to study a lot of thoughts come to his mind that who is online, who might be viewing my photo or post. So just use social media upto the extent for good use but never ever use it as an addiction because just think for a while if you don’t have resources to use social media like internet or mobile what will you do? So be careful always to use social media.

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