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How To Obtain Driving License in Telangana/AP – Complete Guide & Procedure

Obtain Driving License in Telangana Andhra Pradesh States

How To Obtain Driving License in Telangana – Complete Guide & Procedure: If you have purchased a bike or a two-wheeler where you need assistance on obtaining a proper driving license in the state, then you are on proper place, instead of paying fees or amount to the middlemen you can do all it by yourself and save your money too. But before you go here is some information you have to read carefully and proceed, read out all the points carefully, apart from which if you need 4 wheeler driving license then may need to apply with a different procedure where you would also get 2+4 wheeler license also.

Steps to Obtain 2 Wheeler Driving License in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh:

Apply for New Learner’s License & Qualifying Exam:

Before you begin, you have to apply for the learner’s license which is also known as ‘LL’, after you get the LL, you will be given sometime in which you can spend some time to learn all those things which are required to learn while driving the two-wheeler, or how to drive two wheeler properly. You can simply apply for the New Learner’s License from the TS Transport Official Website (for Telangana state people). Now simply fill up the form and move ahead with paying the amount, you have to schedule a date where you can take the appointment for appearing for the Learner’s License Exam. Take printouts of the form filled or whichever necessary and attach proper ID proof and Address proof like Aadhaar card (the fee payment receipt may also be required, if available) and do signatures wherever neccassary.

Go to the selected exam center on the day, if you qualify the exam, then only you are eligible to get the LL/LLR (learning license), or else you have to appear for the exam again, the exam would be conducted on computers, so better you prepare well before appearing for the exam. After you qualify the exam, they will issue print out which will be stamped and signed and called as ‘LLR’ or ‘Learners License’, now this LLR would be valid for around 6 months, before that you have to apply for actual License or else it won’t be useful, and you may have to go through the entire procedure once again, but you may also Renew the LLR for again some months (depends).

Apply for Fresh Driving License & Driving Test:

Now, most of your work is done, you have to Apply for the Fresh Driving License of two-wheeler from the same the same or this website (for Telangana state people), there will be some fees which you have to pay online or through Meeseva etc, fill out the form carefully and submit those details, take a print out and again attach all required documents including fee payment receipt also if available, Aadhar Card, LLR (may be original) etc, select a date for the test and go for giving a test on the same day, try to be there before time to avoid issues, ask the concerning people about details there, now you have to give a trial of your driving, based on which Qualifed/NQ status will be issued, if you are qualifed your license would be issued.

Final Step & Collecting of Driving License:

At the final step, if you qualify, then you have to give your thumb impression or biometric etc or whatever formalities are there, finally, they will give you a receipt on which it will be mentioned that you have qualified or not, keep that receipt safe. Within some days, you will get your license delivered at your home address (at the address which you have given), if it is not received and returned by the post office, then again it would be reached at the main test center or main branch where you would collect it after some days again. Note: Do carry your helmet to the driving test center to avoid any issues later. You can also track the documents delivery status online, note down the EMS number and track through the IndiaPost.

There is nothing to worry, you can try your best to qualify or LLR as well as driving test, apply and get your license now, we have mentioned information for TS or Telangana state, the information is same for the Andhra Pradesh people also, but the website links are different, we would further update the same, so stay tuned with us for more.

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