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Delhi Vidhan Sabha Elections 2020 – Dates, Opinion/Exit Poll, Results

Delhi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Elections

Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 – Dates, Opinion/Exit Poll, Results: The capital of the country India which is very famous various reasons and one of them would be politics also, the Congress has formed the government before Arvind Kejriwal took the seat as the CM, the former CM before Kejriwal was Shiela Dixit, but before the Lok sabha Elections 2014, the Delhi Assembly polls were held and Aam Aadmi party has contested the polls, although there was no pure majority to any of the party to form the government in the state, anyhow the Kejriwal’s party and the congress had an alliance and formed government which didn’t lasted for 2 years also. To get more information continue reading on.

Delhi UT Assembly Vidhan Sabha Elections 2020 – Dates, Polling Schedule

  • Delhi Assembly Elections 2018 Notification (Issue of Public Notice by EC): Expected in 2020
  • Last date for filing Nomination forms: Not available as of now
  • Scrutiny of Nominations: Not Available
  • Last Date of Withdrawal of Nominations: Not yet Announced
  • Delhi Assembly Polls Date: Announced: Expected in February 2020
  • Delhi Assembly Election Results/Counting of Votes: Expected in Feb/March 2020

There are a total of 70 Vidhan Sabha constituencies are there in the Union territory of the country, as after the Kejriwal’s government has resigned before the Lok Sabha polls, there were re-election in 2015 in which AAP has emerged as the single largest party to win 67/70 seats and formed the government in the UT, but later in 2018 their 20 MLA’s as per the recommendations of the EC, the party could contest the same Delhi Parliamentary Elections for the 7 parliamentary constituencies in 2019 but let see who would win the Delhi Elections 2020 this time. Stay updated with ‘All India Word’ for the latest information on Delhi Elections 2020.

Delhi Elections 2020 – Opinion Polls & Exit Poll Results

Name of the Party Opinion Poll Results Exit Poll Results
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  Not Available Now  After Elections are Held
INC (Indian National Congress)  Not Available Now  After Elections are Held
BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party)  Not Available Now  After Elections are Held
Others (including independent candidates)  Not Available Now  After Elections are Held

The opinion polls would be conducted by various agencies like IndiaToday Myaxis, ABP News Nielson, Times VMR and many more time to time based on certain factors, although the EC has issued some guidelines for conduction and publishing of these polls, so based on the same with following the Opinion and Exit Polls are published, you just have to stay tuned with us for Delhi Assembly Elections 2020 Opinion Polls, Exit Poll results including latest dates and much more, let us see who may win this time, also give your suggestions through comments.

Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020 Results Live Updates Vote Counting:

Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020 Live (Party Wise):
Name of the Party Leading Won  Total 
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)  –  –  –
Indian National Congress (INC)  –  –  –
Yogendra Yadav’s Party (Swaraj Abhiyan), if contest  –  –  –
BJP (Bhartiya Janata Party)  –  –
Other Parties and Independent Candidates  –  –  –
Total  –  –  70 (2015)

Once, the elections are conducted, we may be updated you the Election Results here, till they can check the Opinion and Exit polls etc, stay tuned with us to get latest updates on the Delhi and other states elections as well as Lok Sabha Elections also. Do share this article with your friends also, bookmark us for latest news and Delhi Elections 2020 Results info.

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